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scope and breadth
The Educational Technology - Page of the Virtual Library at the University of Geneva continues to be an excellent starting place when exploring the scope and breadth of Educational Technology
Universities with
resources on the web

The University of Oregon's Teaching Effectiveness Program (TEP) is an example of the 'Ed Tech Resources on the Web' available from most of the major Universities.

organizations with
resources on the web
Many organizations: for example, the The National Public Telecomputing Network (NPTN) display web versions of their 'Educational Technology Center'.
systematic approaches

The USAF Air University Public Portal explains 'instructional systems development'
Big Dog's Training Handbook
Definitions and resources related to Instructional Design are now numerous on the web....
bibliographies &

The U.S. Department of Education offers Guides to itself & Consumer Guides produced by the Institute of Educational Sciences (IES)

Instructional Technology Connections

Web-Based Training at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Employee Orientation to Environment, Safety and Health (EOESH) Study Guides

U.S Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration

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