The west end of Agua Vista Way ends at Alameda Rd.
It never extended down into the wash area & on to the golf course maintenance area. Recently, an address # of 5620 Alameda Rd. has been placed at the marker point. That would be between the 5400 block & 5500 block of S. Alameda Rd.

Two weeks ago we submitted the above text.
Thank you for making the above change !

We have now created a temporary subdirectory -
Various online map screen captures of this intersection through the years can be seen at -
These are best viewed by file date - old to new.

Some maps show Alameda Rd. going west down into the wash area, others Agua Vista Way.
Alameda Rd. has also been displayed going through our backyard & into the large/new development to the northeast.

The .pdf is the Golden Springs development plat. We are on lot #1.
We ( AKA & moved to 5461 S. Alameda Road, Gold Canyon, AZ in 1993. is a Google Adsense account. You have my name, address, phone number, etc.

This area was one of the few Phoenix area rural residental developments with an intact ecosystem.

We had parked a ford ltd crown vic across the north end of Alameda Road (a North/South road) in 2000 as a barrier to stop cars from plunging into the wash area.
Soon after it was placed there, it was hit by another vehicle on a Sunday night shortly before midnight.
The ford appears in your online maps & those of others. We removed it in Dec. 2010. It had served it purpose. is the intersection looking northwest.
The double headed arrow sign is nearly 2 years old.
It replaced a 5 year old sign that had one arrowhead pointing right/east.
At 100% this picture displays the new street number of 5620 Alameda Rd. & a locked gate leading onto the golf cart path i.e.
You can also see our white mailbox - 5461 S. Alameda Rd.

Trust your satellite imagery & street views. And, please do not permit people to abuse your mapping service.

Next year, we will attempt to have move their dot to the center of our lot just like everyone else's.