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A lovely guard dog

l16812 posted a photo:

A lovely guard dog

Mintstone Candles, Queen Victoria Market, Queen Street, Melbourne

Thu, 30 Nov 2023 05:50:29 -0800
trip 2023 melbourne november australia leicaq2 animal pet
Common Solutions for Inappropriate Elimination in Cats

beaconpet97 posted a photo:

Common Solutions for Inappropriate Elimination in Cats


Thu, 30 Nov 2023 05:43:06 -0800
beaconpet beacon pet toys dog care cat

A Look Inside: A Tour of K9 Heaven's Doggy Day Care Facilities and Services - Happy Tails: K9 Heaven's Recipe for a Perfect Day of Doggy Daycare

nzk9heaven posted a photo:

A Look Inside: A Tour of K9 Heaven's Doggy Day Care Facilities and Services - Happy Tails: K9 Heaven's Recipe for a Perfect Day of Doggy Daycare

As we celebrate the first anniversary of K9 Heaven, it's time to reflect on the joy, wagging tails, and countless belly rubs that have filled our days. At K9 Heaven, we believe in creating a haven where dogs not only spend their days but truly thrive. Join us as we unveil the secret recipe for a perfect day of doggy daycare, where every tail wags with happiness.

Thu, 30 Nov 2023 03:25:32 -0800
doggy dog puppy pet daycare care
Lonely Girl

Elseworth Dagger posted a photo:

Lonely Girl

And now you're wishing me well like you miss me
You got a dirty tongue and
Looks like the damage done is forever
And it's a long time to miss me

Full credits:

Outfit - CryBunBun - Daddys Pain
Nose Piercing - Tanaka - Cross Septum Piercing
Socks - THIS IS WRONG - Destroyer Shine
Puppy - Semotion Libellune - Pom Puppy

Wed, 29 Nov 2023 21:45:40 -0800
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Tinker The Cat.

dccradio posted a photo:

Tinker The Cat.

Photo of the day November 25, 2023 - Tinker keeps an eye on the neighborhood.

Wed, 29 Nov 2023 18:40:54 -0800
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pretty scenery

sweetstiana posted a photo:

pretty scenery

relax with a ride though beautiful Yosemite park

Visit this location at Yosemite - Yosemite Valley in Second Life

Wed, 29 Nov 2023 15:55:55 -0800
firestormsecondlife family dog pet anthro wolf horse horsebackridingsecondliferegionyosemitesecondlifeparcelyosemiteyosemitevalleysecondlifex75secondlifey57secondlifez21

Two Cats, One Leg

ScienceLives posted a photo:

Two Cats, One Leg

Two cats lay on a bed, sharing a human.

Wed, 29 Nov 2023 13:44:20 -0800
cats cat black feline animals animal pets pet laying sleeping
Two Cats, Together

ScienceLives posted a photo:

Two Cats, Together

Two black cats lay on a bed together.

Wed, 29 Nov 2023 13:45:39 -0800
cats cat black feline animals animal pets pet laying comfortable bedspread

Just fun

gill4kleuren - 27.4 ml views posted a photo:

Just fun

Wed, 29 Nov 2023 12:20:13 -0800
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Gabriel Paladino Ibáñez posted a photo:


Some time ago I visited APCA, an NGO for cats and farm animals, located in Uruguay in the department of Canelones.
APCA arises from the need to generate a safe place for the rehoming of colonies of feral, endangered or abused cats. They currently also have farm animals that have been rescued from human abuse.

The work they do is exceptional.

Among the animals rescued there are cases of cruelty, accidents, paralysis, cancer and other diseases, as well as cats that have been abandoned.
In viable cases, they are available for responsible adoption.


Wed, 29 Nov 2023 09:14:55 -0800
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